Porta Potty Rental Service

ADA Compliant Portable Restroom Rental

We are specialized in offering ADA-compliant portable toilet units on a rental basis in most states in the country. Complying with the Americans with Disabilities Act, these ADA-compliant portable toilets are specially designed to make them accessible to the physically challenged.

Our ADA-compliant portable restrooms have many additional features when compared to a standard portable toilet. With extra cabin space and a handlebar around the walls of the cabin, an ADA-compliant portable toilet will enable a physically challenged person to use this outdoor restroom with ease.

Comparatively, these units are larger in volume overall. The dimensions of this ADA Complaint Portable Toilet are 7′-8′ wide x 7′-8′ long x 7′-8′ high.

Dry sanitizers are available in these ADA-compliant portable toilet units. Unlike normal portable restrooms, there will be a magnetic knob that closes upon nearing the fulcrum and can be easily opened upon pulling gently, yet only from inside the cabin.
All these features collectively make these units declarative of “Accessible by Physically Challenged & Disabled.”

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NOTE * Rental units, including color and make will vary from location to location. Co-Operative service providers will attempt to accommodate certain special requests.