Temporary Fence Rental

Windscreen Fence Rental

Disruptions to a job site cost money and time. A cost-effectivesolution to reduce project delays is the addition of a windscreen for your temporary fence rental from Direct Rental Service. If your project is in an area of high winds, consider the added benefits of a vented windscreen. 

Direct Rental Service’s windscreen is durable and made of coarsely woven high-quality polyethylene fabric and can be securely fastened to the exterior of any chain link configuration. While green is the most requested color, custom colors including black, beige, blue, and more.

Contact one of Direct Rental Service’s Customer Service Representatives for more information on the windscreen and other available accessories.

Features & Benefits

• Great for Privacy and Dust Control

• Easy to Install, Maintain and Remove  

• Creates a Streamlined Appearance

• Reduces Job Site Theft

• Ideal for Construction Projects


• Made of Resilient HDPE Polyethylene

• Provides up to 88% Blockage

• Reinforced w/ Hemmed Edges and Steel Grommets

• 5’8’’ for 6’ Fence, 7’8’’ for 8’ Fence    


• Commercial Construction

• Housing Developments

• Remodels & Tenant Improvements

• Public Works Projects

• Post-Disaster Reconstruction