Temporary Fence Rental

Barricades Rental

Direct Rental Service’s lightweight and portable barricades are a practical solution in scenarios where space and time are a constraint. Each barricade is made of heavy-duty welded steel with a corrosion-resistant galvanized finish. Multiple units can be easily joined together through a convenient hook and sleeve system to form a rigid and secure barrier over long distances, such as public walkways and parking lots.

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Features & Benefits

• Made of Durable, Lightweight Steel

• Portable & Freestanding

• Easy to Install, Reposition, and Remove

• Utilizes Hook & Sleeve Joining System

• No Digging, Posts, or Sandbags Needed


• Hot Dipped Galvanized Coating

• 16-Gauge Steel, Corrosion-Resistant

• Width: 78.5″ Height: 43″

• Weight: Approx. 42 lbs

• Large Tube: 1.5″ Diameter   


• Commercial Construction

• Housing Developments

• Remodels & Tenant Improvements

• Public Works Projects

• Post-Disaster Reconstruction