About Us

Direct Rental Service offer various services like Porta Potty Rental, Temporary Fence Rental, and Septic Tank Cleaning Services at an affordable price. We provide our service to almost all the states in the United States. We offer fair, competitive, and transparent pricing on all our service rentals with no hidden charges.

Porta Potty Rental Porta Potty Rental is an online portable toilet rental service that provides from basic portable toilets to best-in-class portable toilets. We have large number of customers all over the United States and are are satisfied with our service. We cater various types of portable toilets that suit your preferences.

Temporary Fence Rental Temporary Fencing is installed in construction sites, public events, road works, and many other places require temporary fencing. We cater temporary fencing services with the best quality and efficiency at affordable cost.

Septic Tank Cleaning Septic tank cleaning process is where the accumulated waste is pumped out of the drainage tank. We provide services like septic tank cleaning service, and septic tank pumping service. We provide quality service to commercial and residential customers. Our professional team will handle these services at affordable cost with no hidden charges.