Portable Toilet Rental PALAU (PW)

Palau is also called Belau or Pelew. It is an island group in the Oceania Micronesia area. It is located to the southeast of the Philippines. The island group consists of 250 islands. Koror is the most populous island. The country has been divided into sixteen states and it has a tropical climate which offers please atmosphere to its visitors.

Tourists can enjoy the Palau long coastline and a large number of beaches, beach parties and events. We are provide of ourself in providing our portable toilet rental service in such a country. As the country is freely associated with the United States of America, we spread our services from the U.S to Palau.

We supply all sanitation equipment including hand washing stations, luxury and VIP trailers. Celebrations and events in Palau do not happen throughout the year. Only happens seasonally and occasionally. We help U.S citizens who visit the island group and celebrates their holidays and events by providing high quality sanitation services.

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